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Don't Miss Ballet Under the Stars!

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Ballet Arizona kicked off its 25th(!!!) year of Ballet Under the Stars on Thursday night in Fountain Hills. The setting there is ideal -  on a grassy lawn in the performance bowl next to the lake, with the world's world's fourth-tallest fountain spewing. (Image above is from Goodyear, not Fountain HIlls.)

I have to say that I was captivated by the excerpt from Alejandro Cerrudo’s Second to Last, performed to Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel. The juxtaposition of the slow but athletic and showy choreography against the haunting dreaminess of Mr. Pärt's music is rather exquisite. This was especially effective in Kate Loxtercamp’s sections, where her long, graceful limbs traced delicate paths against a dark background.

Portions of a new piece (Tierra de Angeles) from newly named Resident Choreographer Nayon Iovino were also performed - to music from Astor Piazzollla. Mr. Iovino’s stagings are fascinating to watch, frequently presenting images that lodge themselves in one’s memory – difficult to adequately describe, but easy to visualize.

And finally, the entirety of Balanchine’s Bourrée Fantasque was presented in full costume. This not-often-performed (?) ballet comprises a somewhat curious collection of three seemingly unrelated movements – a comic flirtatious one, an ‘Emeralds-esqe’ (romantic tutu’s) one, and a good ole’ grand finale - reminiscent of a circus.

All-in-all, a great evening to re-awaken one's ballet interests after a long, hot summer – and it’s FREE!!

Info at: https://balletaz.org/ballet-under-the-stars/

Three performances remain:


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Just saw the ballet perform Balanchine's Bouree Fantasque at Steele Indian School Park, and it was beautiful. I am a devoted NYCB fan and had never before seen Ballet Arizona perform but I will be buying tickets for their upcoming season. What a talented, energetic and exquisite company! Also really enjoyed the two contemporary pieces they previewed, though Bouree was the highlight. 

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