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2020-21 season


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Atlanta Ballet has announced its upcoming season. The highlight is that Claudia Schreier will be choreographer-in-residence for the next three years. Next year, she will premier a one hour "family" production danced by Atlanta Ballet II. AB II does these one hour family performances every year and I always skip them, but with Schreier as choreographer I may go...Her ballet First Impulse premiered with the main company in September 2019 --I thought it was terrific and immediately wished I could see it again. (For those looking her up on youtube, vimeo etc. I have to say, too, that First Impusle was much more neo-classical than anything of hers I have been able to find online.); Pointe Magazine included it on its list of "standout performances" of 2019.

Some of this season's cancelled ballets will now be performed next year including Giselle. Still no word on who staged it on the Atlanta Ballet website which just lists the choreographers as Petipa, Perrot, and Coralli. I'm glad those three weren't left out, but not having any information about the staging, or any that is easy to find,  seems frankly disrespectful to the person responsible for it and to the audience. The planned spring 2020 Juliano Nunes premier has been moved to next season which will also see the return of Possokhov's Firebird. These three works are scheduled for September along with a collaboration with Atlanta Opera with Choreography by Alonzo King and Helgi Tomasson's Concerto Grosso.

I personally am not sure that this September performance will happen and if it does happen I'm not sure my husband or I will consider it prudent to attend.

Giselle and the family event mentioned above are scheduled for February. The 2021 March program includes company premiers by Cathy Marston--Persisting Memory to Gorecki--and Remi Wortmeyer--Significant Others, no composer listed.  On the same program...something of a blast from the past (that is, my earliest ballet-going days):  the company is staging Ben Stevenson's Three Preludes. Back in the day I'm pretty sure I saw this with the now-defunct National Ballet, but in any case I did see it...A little later I saw an extraordinary performance with John Meehan and Gelsey Kirkland during her wilderness years (post ABT/pre-rehab) -- I traveled to Boston to see it--she was making a guest appearance with...?? well I'm not sure...I do remember that as the lights went down, either the theater manager or, perhaps, the company director appeared before the curtain to make an announcement and the first words out of his mouth were: "Ms. Kirkland IS dancing"--before he went on to say something about the music. The night we went, not only did she not cancel, but she was...well, she was full-on unforgettable Gelsey Kirkland....

Back to topic: The season ends with a doublet of Taylor's Company B and Balanchine's Stars and Stripes. I think people will enjoy that program a lot. And I am always very pleased to see the company dance Balanchine.  I do hope the ballet will not be truncated in the manner of Who Cares?

All of the above presumes the company survives the tremendous loss of revenue from this year--which they seem to anticipate doing--and one has to hope that next year its audience returns. I suppose people may be craving theatrical events...but who knows?


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Atlanta Ballet e-mail:

"In partnership with the Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University and GSUTV, Atlanta Ballet will present Silver Linings – the Company’s newest choreographic initiative featuring a variety of original pieces created by Atlanta Ballet dancers on Atlanta Ballet dancers February 12 and March 19, 2021These two events will be livestreamed to the public at 8pm via the Rialto Center for the Arts' Facebook channel.

The February event will comprise of new works by Company members Darian Kane, Guilherme Maciel, Sergio Masero, Keith Reeves and Anderson Souza, as well as a world premiere preview by Atlanta Ballet Choreographer-in-Residence Claudia Schreier."


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