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Fonteyn's shoes in Vogue

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In this month's (UK) Vogue there is a free booklet called "The Feel Good Guide", and a list inside of 100 things that make you feel good - things like having a massage or buying a lipstick. Number 83 on their list is "Repetto ballet shoes" and there is a picture of a pair of pointe shoes signed by Margot Fonteyn!

There is also a fashion feature saying floaty chiffon things are "in" and you should wear them with ballet shoes!

If you want to see the magazine you could try Borders as here we can get all the European and US Vogues.:)

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Yes, they aren't just pretty pink shoes I agree! I saw a photo of a model on a catwalk a couple of years ago wearing pointe shoes, I bet she got more blisters than she would have in high heels! It's a strange world.:)

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I've seen some fashion photo shoots with models wearing pointe shoes... except they were definately NOT dancers! The ribbons were all sticking out, and when they tried to stand up en pointe- not a pretty sight! I think the ballet flat is a nicer look for non-dancers.

Btw, did Fonteyn always wear Repetto pointe shoes?

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I just found this old post about pointe shoes as fashionable shoes in the archives. As a fashion historian, I would like to add that fashion pointe shoes are more look-alike pointes in stead of traditional flour-and-paste pointes.

At the end of the twentieth century, the fashion industry has picked up the idea of ribbons and look-alike pointe shoes and designer brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Sonia Rykiel, Etro, and Blumarine have used the pointe shoe style to create “ballerina” fashion shoes.

Even pointe shoe manufacturers, such as Gamba have followed the trend and created a line of street look-alike pointes. Anybody who knows the Gamba shop in London: they have currently decorated their shop window with their look-alike pointes (with ribbons). (July 2004)


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