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Sleeping Beauty Dreams

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Diana Vishneva, Principal Dancer

Thijs de Vlieger, Composer

Bart Hess, Costume Design

Tobias Gremmler, Digital Artist

Marcelo Gomes, Principal Dancer

fuse*, Technology Artists

Laurent Fort, Light Artist

Edward Clug, Choreographer


World Premiere

December 7th and 8th   |   Miami  |  The Adrienne Arch Center

December 14th and 15th  |  New York City  |  Beacon Theater



New York, NY (September 2018) – Sleeping Beauty Dreams is an innovative artistic performance that unifies dance, contemporary art, and cutting-edge digital technology. Artists of different medias draw inspiration from the famous legend and explore the untold story of Princess Aurora’s 100 years of dreams. Combining real-time digital imaging technology, contemporary choreography, electronic music, and new media art Sleeping Beauty Dreams will show that the world of dreams is unique and doesn’t have to be confined by time or space.
The team of artists includes Diana Vishneva (Princess Aurora), Tobias Gremmler (Digital Artist), Thijs de Vlieger of NOISIA (Composer), Edward Clug (Choreographer), Bart Hess (Costume Design), fuse* (Technology Artists), and Laurent Fort (Light Artist). Dancing as the Prince will be Marcelo Gomes. Diana and Marcelo will be reunited on stage for the first time since retiring from American Ballet Theatre. Tobias Gremmler has visualised and fuse* brought to life the digital avatars – virtual characters that will react in real time to the dancers' movements on stage. No two performances will be identical. Thijs de Vlieger, of the musical group NOISIA, has composed music specially for this production. Lady Gaga's slime dress creator, Bart Hess, will design costumes that interact with the digital projections. Bart’s designs express his ongoing fascination with the human form using instinctive and futuristic textiles.
Sleeping Beauty Dreams will premiere in Miami at The Adrienne Arch Center on December 7th and 8th and then comes to New York’s Beacon Theater December 14th and 15th. In 2019 Sleeping Beauty Dreams will tour nationally to 20 cities and in 2020, internationally. Tickets can be purchased at www.ticketmaster.com. For more information visit www.sbdart.com.
Diana Vishneva, Principal Dancer
Diana Vishneva is one the worlds most celebrated dancers. Prima Ballerina with the Mariinsky Theatre, Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre (until 2017), she is also one of those rare artists who, quoting William Forsythe, "define the vector of their practice" and distinguish themselves as "dance philosophers". 
A graduate of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in St Petersburg, from the start of her career she combined extraordinary accomplishments in classical dance with an ardent desire for experimentation. This led to collaborations with outstanding contemporary choreographers, from Hans van Manen and Mats Ek to Edouard Lock and Ohad Naharin. In 2013, Vishneva performed in Maurice Béjart's Bolero, being the first Russian ballerina after Maya Plissetskaya to dance the highly coveted principal part with Ballet Béjart Lausanne.
Vishneva is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, including the Gold Medal and Grand Prix of the International Ballet Competition in Lausanne (1994), the Divine prize, the Benois de la Danse award, the Golden Soffit, the Spirit of Dance prize in the category «Queen of Dance», Europe’s Best Dancer award, six Golden Masks, and the Ballerina of the Decade prize.
In 2010, she established the Diana Vishneva Foundation, aimed at increasing access to ballet for every social strata, promoting dance as a modern art form, and providing support to young and retired performers. She is the founder of Context. Diana Vishneva, an international festival giving the Russian audience access to the best in contemporary dance and supporting Russian talent in this field.
Vishneva has initiated a series of projects in various artistic fields. New dance pieces have been created for her by renowned choreographers such as John Neumeier, Carolyn Carlson, Alexei Ratmansky, Jean-Christophe Maillot, and Moses Pendleton. She starred in the award-winning film Gravitation (2016) that used state-of-the art technology to translate the language of dance into that of cinema, and initiated Multiverse (2017), a publication focused on the new, emerging forms of art. The book features interviews with some of the leading contemporary choreographers Vishneva had collaborated with, as well as artists Bill Viola and Olafur Eliasson; designer Ross Lovegrove, fashion creator Iris van Herpen, and photographer Nick Knight to name but a few.
Thijs de Vlieger (NOISIɅ), Composer
Together, Thijs de Vlieger, Nik Roos and Martijn van Sonderen form Noisia – the three-musicians, one-Vision collective that aims to "explore the outer edges and capabilities of electronic musicality without compromise, turn sound design into an art" and translate their discoveries into records "that sound like nothing else".  
Sharing a passion for progression, technical innovation and ruthless quality control, the trio have worked together since leaving school. Within two years of their 2003 debut release, they already appeared on some of the most agenda-setting labels in drum & bass: Moving Shadow, Subtitles, Renegade Hardware, Shogun, Ram, and many more. A decade later, they proceeded to become one of the most established and uncompromised acts in electronic music. From their unique, custom-built floating triple-studio complex in Groningen, Netherlands, they have created benchmark productions, established three respected labels (Vision, Division, Invisible), remixed rave titans such as The Prodigy and Skrillex, curated their own Noisia Invites festival, and scored games (Devil May Cry, Counter Strike) and music for movies (The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Transformers 3).
The defining chapter in the trio’s ambitious vision so far, the album and performance concept Outer Edges expands their palette still further. Visually heightening, physically stimulating, technically unique and immersive, it lends itself to a broad range of contexts, from festival mainstages to underground clubs.
Exploring other dimensions independently, de Vlieger has cooperated with several dance and live music performances. These include (non-electronic) scoring for a wind quintet and mixing a live string quartet with electronic music for the symphony orchestra NNO (2014); electronic/acoustic scores for interdisciplinary dance & live music performances by renowned contemporary dance ensemble Club Guy & Roni (2015, 2017), and for Dijanne Italianer’s theatre & dance performance at this year’s Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival.
Bart Hess, Costume Design
An artist with a gift for producing magic from the most basic materials, Bart Hess creates art films, performances, installations and texture designs that suspend the viewer between meditation and addiction.
Hess’s untamed imagination is backed by his sophisticated craftsmanship and proficiency in new media. "Today I’m a filmmaker, but tomorrow I can be a textile designer," says the artist whose workshop in Eindhoven, Netherlands, keeps transforming on a regular basis. The outcome is visually arresting work that blurs the boundaries between dream and reality, beauty and ugliness, attraction and repulsion, nature and technology. 
Hess has collaborated with Lady Gaga; "science fiction artist and body architect" Lucy McRae; eminent fashion photographer and digital imaging pioneer Nick Knight. In 2015, Hess created stage design and costumes for the renowned Dance Company Nanine Linning’s production Silver. His work has been shown in a solo exhibition Future Bodies in Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch; as well as in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; The Institute Of Contemporary Arts, Singapore, and Saatchi Gallery, London, among others.
Tobias Gremmler, Digital Artist
A pioneer of media scenography, Tobias Gremmler is continuously reinventing the scope of what’s possible in performance arts. This German-born, Hong Kong-based artist is known as the one who "breaks the wall between virtuality and reality" (designNET).
"In our cultural projects we can go beyond the digital; we can break the rules, transfer them to other media and develop hybrid forms," the artist says. Blending his profound expertise in digital media, motion graphics & interface design with bold artistic exploration, Gremmler creates unique immersive experiences for brands, musicians and theatre productions.
Gremmler’s pursuits range from academic research to multimedia art. His mind-bending artistry spans various genres, from collaborations with the world’s leading brands including Apple, Nike, BMW, Daimler Chrysler and Siemens to real-meet-digital creations celebrating the London Symphony Orchestra; sophisticated virtual actors for a 21st century, new-media version of the Chinese Opera at Asia’s leading theatre festival Zuni Icosahedron; powerful media scenography for a concert of Asia Pacific’s influential music duo Tat Ming Pair or for a theater show by Oscar-winning art director Tim Yip. 
Marcelo Gomes
Marcelo Gomes is a principal dancer who is widely admired for his combination of technical prowess, fine acting and beautiful form. His other assets include being one of the top three male dancers in the world – known for his athleticism, artistry, dedication, work ethic and collaborative nature – his movie-star good looks and his fashionable style. Beyond his ballet and acting talents, Marcelo is articulate in multiple languages, has a warm engaging voice, and projects a charismatic stage and television presence.
A native of Brazil, Marcelo was born in Manaus and raised in Rio de Janeiro, where he began his dance studies at the Helena Lobato and Dalal Achcar Ballet Schools. He set off alone at age 12 to study at The HARID Conservatory in Boca Raton, Florida, and subsequently at the schools of the Paris Opera Ballet, Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, and Cuballet. Marcelo was invited to join ABT in 1997 at age 18 and was rapidly promoted to principal dancer in 2002 until 2017. He was ABT’s lead male dancer and has an enthusiastic following of 31,000 Facebook and 66,000 Instagram fans. He was awarded the the "Hope Prize" at the Prix de Lausanne and received the  prestigious " Benois de la Danse". Marcelo has starred as a guest artist with the Mariinsky Ballet and The Royal Ballet, among many international companies. He has appeared with the Kings of the Dance since 2006. He made his debut with the Bolshoi Ballet in July 2013, dancing the title role in Onegin opposite Diana Vishneva.
Marcelo choreographed the Under Armour “I Will What I Want” television campaign starring ballerina Misty Copeland, which has gone viral on the internet, receiving over 10 million views on YouTube alone. He also created a solo for Misty’s appearance on The Late Show with Steven Colbert this October, accompanied by YoYo Ma. Recently, Marcelo had a smashing success at Lincoln Center with AfterEffect, a ballet he choreographed for ABT, collaborating in the scenic design with the remarkable 93-year-old artist, Françoise Gilot. Marcelo both choreographed and performs in the newly released music video by country singer Lindi Ortega. In November 2015, he created a solo for a sold-out Frick Collection Salon Evening, in tandem with an exhibition by Renaissance painter Andrea del Sarto.
In 2015, media coverage includes Marcelo featured on the cover of American Airlines’ NEXOS in-flight magazine in the December-January edition. In January 2016, Marcelo received Dance Magazine’s Dancer of the Year Award, one of the highest honors in the field. Marcelo is also the subject of a full-length documentary that is nearing release called " The anatomy of a male ballet dancer"
fuse*, Technology Artists
fuse* is a creative studio and production company that operates at the intersection of art and science, exploring the expressive potential of emerging digital technologies. From the outset, the Italy-based studio’s research was focused primarily on the production of immersive installations and live media performances that profoundly engage the audience creating a powerful emotional impact. Taking a holistic approach to art, fuse* develop work that inspires, pushes the limits, and fascinates the viewer with new kinds of interplay between light, space, sound and movement.
fuse* has always linked its evolution to that of the community in which it operates – supporting, promoting and developing projects aimed at spreading culture and knowledge. For this purpose, it co-produces NODE since 2016, an electronic music and digital arts festival.
Laurent Fort, Light Artist
Laurent Fort’s art is focused on the beauty and emotional power of light. The works by this French-born, US-based artist transport the viewer into mysterious, immersive environments defined by ever-changing, moving and 'breathing’ reflections of light.
Guided by Leonardo da Vinci’s idea of simplicity as the ultimate sophistication, Fort uses familiar materials and techniques to produce an infinite variety of breathtaking luminous effects. In his installations, the artist seeks to achieve "an unusual balance between nature and artifice". Exploring the poetic dimension of light and colour, he wishes to create moments of contemplation and serenity and bypass our rational thinking to directly address our emotions and feelings.
The winner of The Architectural Digest’s Young Designer Award (2005), Fort is involved in multiple art and design collaborations, notably with prestigious Italian fashion brand ETRO and the Baglioni Hotel in London, and exhibits internationally, including the participation in the Governors Island Art Fair (New York), spectacular exhibitions in Rome and Paris during the UNESCO-sponsored International Year of Light (2015), and the Biwako Biennale in Japan (2016, 2018).
Edward Clug, Choreographer
Edward Clug is a contemporary dance choreographer and a long-time artistic director of the Slovenian National Theatre’s Maribor Ballet who has succeeded in putting the company on the international dancing map. Bachtrack praises Clug’s "unusually athletic but poetic works, dances that reveal and play upon the foibles and ironies of the human condition". His profound sense of theatre allies with an openness towards new creative disciplines as Clug seeks to reach beyond the familiar scope of a dance production and deliver work that speaks to "the 21st century’s mind".
Under Clug’s artistic direction, the Maribor Ballet participated in the largest theatre festivals, such as Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in the US, The Stars of the White Nights festival in the Mariinski Theatre St.Petersburg, Arts Festival in Singapore, and Seoul International Dance Festival in Korea. The Slovenia-based, globe-trotting choreographer received international acclaim with Radio & Juliet (2005), followed by Rite of Spring (2012), Stabat Mater (2012), and Peer Gynt (2015). Clug was repeatedly invited to create new works for Stuttgart Ballet, Zurich Ballet, Royal Ballet of Flanders, Les Grands Ballets in Montréal and other companies around the world. In 2014, German magazine Tanz acknowledged him as one of the future's hopes in the field of choreography. In 2015, his work for one of the world’s most innovative and prestigious contemporary dance companies, Nederlands Dans Theater, received rave reviews, leading to further collaborations with NDT. Faust for Zürich Ballet in April and Petrushka for the Bolshoi Theatre in November are Clug’s other 2018 premieres besides Sleeping Beauty Dreams.
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4 hours ago, Barbara said:

Cristian, I believe it's next weekend in NYC. I thought about going but also thought it seemed a bit iffy and what with all the craziness of the season, I decided to pass on it. I hope someone goes and look forward to their report. 

I decided to pass. My instincts about contemporary/ modern dance are usually on point, and after seeing pics and reviews I decided this was not for me. I rarely like anything modern, and even if this might involve pointes-(Vishneva, right...?)- and another chance to see Marcelo, I didn't want to have my last impression of them as an uninteresting one.

The last modern thing I saw I REALLY liked was Appalachian Spring by the Martha Graham company.😶

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