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Places to stay in Saratoga Springs?

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I can imagine a number of people here have been up to Saratoga in July to see NYCB. I have contacted the chamber of commerce, and they did send me a long list....but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion based on their own experiences? Thanks!

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Because the Guild always put us up at the Holiday Inn, that's where I usually used to stay. It's next to Congress Park, a short walk to the center of town, and pleasant enough. But last year I finally stayed at the Adelphi, which is on Broadway at Phila (pronounced Fyla) Street, and has been there since the golden age of Saratoga. Last year in my doctor's office I saw an article in Travel and Leisure which described the Adelphi as "A time capsule of Gilded Age decadence and Victorian clutter." I didn't see many examples of decadence but the clutter is certainly there. The stairs creak, but are to be preferred to the small elevator, which may have been installed by Mr. Otis himself and requires the presence of a hotel employee to ride. (There are three storys above the ground floor.) Although there used to be, as of last year there was no restaurant on the premises, but the Adelphi bar is a favorite place for both dancers and fans to gather after the ballet at SPAC. The bad thing about the Adelphi is that it's pricey. I could only manage the smallest room last year. But if you can afford it and have a taste for antiques -- including in the bathroom pipes -- it's definitely the place to be.

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I have stayed at the Gideon Putnam in the State Park for the past three years. It's a fine place, good rooms, but somewhat pricey and often filed with convention-eers. I thought I might try the Sheraton this time. Any comment about that place?

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I don't need to find a place to stay in Saratoga myself, so I can't give a lot of brilliant recommendations. Although the Gideon looks a bit on the stodgy side, it does have an excellent restaurant, and it's out at the Spa, so you can walk to the Performing Arts Center and back. Not that there are huge traffic jams for the ballet, but some might like the convenience.

Here's a link to a listing of some Saratoga-area places to stay:


I personally would probably love to stay at the Adelphi, as I've always enjoyed the cluttered Victorian look at the bar. Aside from that, I'd recommend looking for a place downtown, or near downtown, such as on Union Avenue, Circular Street (I would love staying at the Batcheller Mansion!), or, of course, Broadway.

Saratoga in July is rather pricey, but at least it's not August, and this year I don't think there's any overlap between the ballet and horseracing seasons.

There are lots of great places to eat in Saratoga. Personal favorites are Mrs. London's, very expensive, stunning coffee/tea/bakery place on Broadway, the Breadbasket (I think that's the name), a very inexpensive coffee/tea/bakery place on Spring Street, and Hattie's Chicken Shack, which would be worth the price of admission if only for the name.

There's a nice bar/restaurant at the Hall of Springs, which is right next-door to SPAC, practically, and gives one something to do during intermissions, or while there's a Diamond Project ballet going on. It is a shame they're not bringing Midsummer again, as SPAC is really the best place on earth to see this ballet. I'm so glad I caught last summer.

I don't know much about the Sheraton except it's at a nice location, is ugly as sin, and is probably quite comfortable.

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Thank you all for your replies, and I will certainly check out the link you gave me Manhattnik.

The Adelphi might be fun as long as their mattresses are not from the Victorian era...:)

Since we will be "on our own" for the first time in what seems like a very long time...I feel as though a B & B might be a good choice or perhaps the cluttered Adelphi! However, I will check out the others as well.

Also appreciate the other info. about where to eat, names of streets, etc.

Yes, it is too bad about Midsummer's Night Dream. I was disappointed to see that it won't be there this summer.

Thanks again to you all for your help!

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We stayed at the Apple Tree when our daughter was at NYSSSA. It is lovely, historic and charming, very comfortable, great breakfast with very pleasant innkeeper and guests, and very convenient to SPAC. (Even though it is in Ballston Spa, that is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Or should I say a leap. ) I gather the Six Sisters is also an excellent choice. Both have links here http://www.discoversaratoga.org/asp...sp?NAME=Lodging

Have fun!

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