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Ivan The Terrible: The Oprichniki scene.

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Deflope, I looked in my programme, and the following pieces are listed - music by Sergei Prokofiev (fragments from the film score for Ivan the Terrible, fragments from The Russian Overture, fragments from the cantata Alexander Nevsky, a fragment from the third symphony) musical version and additions by Mikhail Chulaki.  Do not know which of those is in the Oprichniki scene though, except I think not the cantata.

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On 3/31/2018 at 4:18 AM, Deflope said:

I know the music for the Ballet was compiled from various Prokofiev pieces. Does anyone know which piece the “whipping scene” came from?  

It comes from the original Prokofiev score for the movie Ivan the Terrible. You can find it in the recordings of the oratorio, it is a piece called "The Oath of the Oprichniks" sang by a choir.

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