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Amy Reusch

Bolshoi in Cinema - Flames of Paris 3/4/18

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Any info yet on the casting?  The site just says "Bolshoi principals, soloists and corps de ballet".  (well, one would hope so!)

I've been interested to see this ballet for a while now.   

The trailer pretty poor, I usually bring a few friends, but I'm not sure I could use this trailer to entice anyone...


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this is a better snippet of Flames, the famous pas de deux. The Bolshoi trailer is completely lame



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That's Schrainer in the trailer.  Kosyreva is terrific in your clip, but I don't think she's viewed as one who could put over the performance on the screen.  Lantratov could be paired with Krysanova, but since this is the year of Tvirsko......


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Casting for broadcast of Flames of Paris from Bolshoi website.  Good luck to Shrainer!

Jeanne, daughter of Gaspard and Lucille 

Margarita Shrainer

Jerome, her brother

Denis Savin

Philippe, a Marseillais

Igor Tsvirko

The Marquis Costa de Beauregard

Semyon Chudin

Adeline, his daughter

Ana Turazashvili

Mireille de Poitiers, an actress

Kristina Kretova

Antoine Mistral, an actor

Artem Ovcharenko

Jarcasse, an old woman

Irina Zibrova

Gilbert, captain of the Marseillais

Alexander Vodopetov

King Louis XVI

Gennadi Yanin

Queen Marie Antoinette

Nelli Kobakhidze

Gaspard, a peasant

Yuri Ostrovsky

Lucille, his wife

Anna Antropova

Amour in the ballet Rinaldo and Armida

Daria Khokhlova

Apparition of Bride in the ballet Rinaldo and Armida

Olga Kishnyova

Friends to Armida in the ballet Rinaldo and Armida

Yulia Grebenshchikova
Elvina Ibraimova
Alyona Kovalyova
Olga Marchenkova

Furies in the ballet Rinaldo and Armida

Daria Bochkova
Anastasia Gubanova
Anastasia Kazakova
Tatiana Lazareva
Svetlana Pavlova
Xenia Zhiganshina

Huntsmen, friends to the Marquis

Batyr Annadurdyev
Anton Gaynutdinov
Alexei Gaynutdinov
Maxim Oppengeym

Auvergne dance

Kristina Karasyova
Oxana Sharova
Ivan Alexeyev
Vitaly Biktimirov

Marseillaise dance

Andrei Bolotin
Georgy Gusev
Alexei Matrakhov

President of the Convention

Alexander Fadeyechev

Master of Ceremonies

Alexei Loparevich

David, an artist

Egor Simachev


Anastasia Vinokur


Pavel Sorokin

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