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Encore repertory

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While we're twiddling our thumbs waiting for the company to announce the next season, let's play a round of "what should they dance."  Alongside excerpts of the season's greatest hits, the company usually presents retiring dancers in something that showcases their skills or reprises a favorite role.  Alas for us, Imler and Bold are leaving at the end of the season, so what do we want to see them in at the Encore show?  It doesn't have to be something that's already in their rep, but let's keep it to something that they could conceivably stage for this show.  (So I can't ask for Green Table with Bold as Death and Imler as the Partisan Woman, but see how I snuck that in anyway...)


Bold:  Although he did a great job in Limon's Moor's Pavane, I'm not sure how excerptable that might be.  So I'd vote for David Parson's Caught, which makes his jumping skills seem even more phenomenal than they are.  And the solo from Nacho Duato's Rassemblement -- not my favorite ballet, but Bold's performance in it was just right.


Imler:  My personal list is really long, and I don't want to make this into a novel, so I'll just pick two.  Although many of us love her for her technical chops, she's got a lovely dry acting style, kind of like Margaret Dumont.  I'd love to see her in the Something Stupid duet from Nine Sinatra Songs, with Jonathan Porretta -- she plays the doyenne so very well here.  And then, for her myriad You Tube fouette fans, Kitri's variation from Don Q.  It doesn't have the arm en couronne from Swan Lake, but it's got that snappy fan!

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Several years ago (fall 2010?) I saw PNB do two Kylian ballets back-to-back -- Petite Mort with Six Dances. I thought it was brilliant - both to Mozart, overlapping feel. I see many companies (including Colorado Ballet later this month) doing Petite Mort alone, but not with Six Dances. I don't know why - perhaps too expensive or too long. It's 17 + 13 minutes, so that might be the issue. But I'd love to see the pair again. Here's video of Six Dances:



PS: PNB also does a fine Glass Pieces, which I think was on the same program. Can't get enough of that one!

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Kylian is not cheap -- I don't have concrete numbers, but I'm often told that cost is the thing that's keeping people from doing more.  I remember that program, and loving the over-the-top images from Six Dances.  Andrew Bartee was still with the company at the time, and it really played to his more foppish side.


Since they generally try to keep the rep for Encores focused on work they've performed during the season, they could bring an excerpt from Forgotten Land, which they did before Nut this year.

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I'd love to see Imler do the "Plink Plank Plunk" excerpt from Olivier Wevers' "Shindig." His choreography for this section is full of humor, and the speed of some of those turns--my gosh, Imler is one of the only women who can pull it off with such confidence!


As for Bold, I agree with sandik's suggestion of "Caught." It's a marvelous chance for him to not only jump but also command the stage with that quiet gravity he has.

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4 hours ago, pirouetta27 said:

I'd love to see Imler do the "Plink Plank Plunk" excerpt from Olivier Wevers' "Shindig." His choreography for this section is full of humor, and the speed of some of those turns--my gosh, Imler is one of the only women who can pull it off with such confidence!


I hadn't even thought of that one -- it would be a treat to see it again.  While his current work is also highly virtuosic, it's not so ballet-based.

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Oh this is fun!  I always thought she would be great in Balanchine's Walpurgisnacht.  Would be amazing if it could be staged for her encore, then bring it back in the fall (as Carla Korbes danced The Calling at her encore).  Would also love to see La Imler in The Calling.  


She and Bold were both great as Mercedes / Espada so I'd like to see that again.  Kitri of course is a must.  Others:


Square Dance

Western Symphony

La Source (assuming she is cast) 


Sym in C (most likely, part of the season)


In The Middle

Jardi Tancat

At the Station


She will be very tired at the end.  


For Bold, I think he is best in the modern works: After the Rain, Stravinsky Violin Concerto, Red Angels, 3 Movements, Dancing on the Front Porch, plus overlap of many listed above.  


Might be nice to see Kent Stowell revive a portion of his Firebird for Bold/Imler.  They were both Stowell-Russell hires, and bith danced it before, so would complete the circle.  


Also perhaps Robbins' In The Night. 





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She will be tired indeed.


I was sorry that she was out on leave when they repeated Waiting at the Station, so yes.  Symphony in C and/or Diamonds -- she's very queenly when it's called for.  Relatedly, I love her Lilac Fairy for that moment when Carabosse is trying to sneak up on her, and Lilac turns around and just gives C a look.


In the Middle would be juicy, or Vertiginous -- she really zipped through that one.


And yes, a chunk of Firebird would be a lovely tribute for the two of them and for Russell and Stowell.

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There is a big part of me that years for La Imler to continue on as a modern dancer.  Without the family ties I could easily see her in Mark Morris's Company.  


But perhaps she would consider dancing with Spectrum Dance Theatre?  Or Whim Whim?  Perhaps either one could dance The Green Table?  

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Oh my, I hadn't thought about Morris' ensemble.  I kind of doubt that she would make that transition -- as you point out, she's got family ties now, and Morris is primarily a touring company.  But she would shine in that repertory.


For a number of years, Spectrum seemed to be a good home for PNB retirees, but those days seem to be over with Donald Byrd's tenure.  And even if, I don't think Spectrum or WW would be looking at Green Table.  Though I wish someone would...

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