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Two New Podcast Series: James Whiteside and Kathryn Morgan


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James Whiteside has a new podcast "The Stage Rightside" on the Premiere Dance Network:


Kathryn Morgan has joined the Premiere Dance Network's podcast lineup, and her new show will debut on June 1:


They join:

and "Becoming Ballet"on this ever-growing network.
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Thanks Helene for sharing this - thought I would add two additional shows that will be joining the Premier Dance Network.

Lauren Fadeley Veyette will be joining PDN - going live Wednesday 5/25/16. Her show is called "Rediscovering the Dream". On this show Lauren will be sharing with us her journey into a new company after having been with Pennsylvania Ballet for nine years.

Gina Pero will launch her new show on May 31st. Her show is called "The Gina Pero Show". This show will be a fabulous resource for dancers and their parents as she will be airing 3x per week with insight, advice and live Q&A. Gina was a Rockette and has been working as a performance coach for dancers for years.

Allison DeBona will be launching her show in June. Her show is called "Art with Allie". She will be providing a unique and raw insight into the world of Ballet. https://www.instagram.com/p/BFm9iRCsOZk/?taken-by=allidebona

There are some other new shows coming over the next 8 weeks.....more info coming soon :flowers:

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