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Pirouettes of the Past Podcast Kicked Off Last Week

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Dr. Melissa Klapper, Professor of History at Rowan University, is now hosting a monthly segment on The Balancing Pointe Podcast in which she will explore a variety of topics on ballet schooling in American history. For many of us, ballet in America meant tours of the Ballets Russes and visiting dancers from Russia and Europe, with a few Smith-ovas thrown in, but the history is far more rich. I, for one, took the existence of the Metropolitan Opera Ballet for granted and as a place for Balanchine to swoop in, much like Mark Morris at the Monnaie Theatre, never thinking about why it was established in the first place and who was responsible for it.

In the first episode, Klapper talks about the genesis of ballet schools in the US; the history of ballet class is the subject of a book she is writing.

I found this episode delightful, and I wanted to bring it to Ballet Alertniks' attention:


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