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The Artist and The Institution

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We've discussed many an artistic director and many an Institution over the years here on Ballet Alert, but have we directly abstractly discussed the dynamics of the artist vs, the institution? It seems successful artists gradually grow an institutions like a carapace, and that this shell can survive longer than the artist and take on new residents as if the shell selected the hermit crab,,,

Without an institution to handle producing, artists cannot seem to survive for long... Self producing artists eventually burn out if they don't build up an institution, but sometimes even these self built institutions throw out the artist.

I think I've heard the Paris Opera referred to in the last six months as an ocean liner, and that an artistic director cannot hope to suddenly change course...

Would love to see an examination of the artist vis a vis the institution.

Did the Maryinsky make Petipa possible? Would he have produced The Sleeping Beauty for a smaller institution? does the institution shape the artist?

How does a big institution affect the kind of work a choreographer produces? It has resources to foster a choreographer, but it also has to support those resources and the pressure to produce success is different from the drive to create artistic expression perhaps? Words do not serve me well here.. but I think some here would know what I am getting at...

Jerome Robbins produced a lot of work for Broadway... Is Broadway an instutution itself, even if it is a market?

Does a ballet company require a school to survive, or merely a Nutcracker? (Can the Nutcracker be considered an institution?)

Do large institutions untintentionally stifle innovation? For a while there it seemed ballet companies were all commissioning modern dance choreographers to create them new works. Have we moved on from that era to a new era of international star choreographers continent hopping like Ratmansky, Wheeldon & ?

Is ballet an institution in its very bones? What makes for a sea change?

Battling with a bureacracy from time to time, one wonders about these things, what the invisible beast is that is part of the equation.

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