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Livestream of ROH Nutcracker rehearsal.

Syrene Hvid

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With Lauren Cuthbertson and Matthew Golding rehearsing the Sugar Plum PDD (with director Kevin O'Hare). Also, with Fumi Kaneko and James Hay rehearsing the soldier and vivandière PDD (with ballet master Christopher Carr).

The livestream is available on youtube and begins in less than five minutes!

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It was said during the livestream that the rehearsal would be available on demand later.

I was personally very smitten with Cuthbertson's Sugar Plum from what we saw of her in this rehearsal. Gorgous legs, pliable arms, wonderful bearing and Golding partnered her beautifully. They made for a very nice pair.

Of Hay and Kaneko, I was mostly focused on Kaneko who I recall having seen used in other of the available Royal media before. She was a charming doll with incredible turns (THAT LEG), but towards the end she seemed rather tired (understandably). Hay had a whole slay of fangirls on the online chat, it was very amusing to watch.

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