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  1. This doesn't apply to e-tickets. I've definitely been able to return e-tickets by phone. As for paper tickets, Friends of Covent Garden can take a photo of the voided ticket and return it by email. Others have to return the original paper ticket to the Box Office. Edited to add that I suppose it's possible that the return of e-tickets by phone might only apply to Friends of Covent Garden. You'd have to check this with the Box Office
  2. You’re entitled to your opinion, Mashinka, but there are many, many people who would completely disagree with you. Yes, Lauren Cuthbertson had a bad day when this Beauty was filmed. Even the best of dancers has an occasional off day. However, on countless other occasions, she has shown herself to be more than worthy of her position as a highly valued Principal of the Royal Ballet
  3. There are 67 day seats but they are not sold on line until all those in the day seat queue have been served. If a performance is particularly popular, there is an outside chance that all seats will be sold to personal callers.
  4. I think Robert Greskovic needs to check his facts. Jonathan and Leanne Cope might share a name but he is not her father and, as far as I know, they are not even related to each other.
  5. Meunier fan, I hope you don't mind if I correct a typo. It appears that the brave dancer who 'attempted the fouettés' was, according to the above press report, Daria Bochkova.
  6. Mara Galeazzi's final performance with the Royal Ballet was actually last Saturday, June 29 in Monaco. Here's a picture from twitter of the cast list from that performance 29 Jun Tonight's Manon cast. In bocca @maragaleazzi! #RBOnTour pic.twitter.com/niI6Q2YxB4
  7. Galeazzi danced the child at all her performances as did Melissa Hamilton. I don't have the cast sheets to hand but can vouch for that as I was lucky enough to be at all the performances of the recent run of Mayerlings.
  8. How very strange. I have the cast sheet for Alina Cojocaru’s performance on June 5 in front of me. It states "Mary Vetsera as a child: Alina Cojocaru". Maybe you are looking at Princess Valerie as a child? She was played by Gemma Pitchley-Gale.
  9. I agree that Leanne makes a very convincing twelve year old, however, amongst the dancers currently playing the role of Mary Vetsera, she is not unique. They have all played the role of the twelve year old Mary. In fact, in the performances I’ve seen over the last 11 seasons, (during 5 of which Mayerling has been performed) all the dancers playing Mary have played their younger selves. Perhaps this was not the case in earlier seasons? Edited to add that I've just checked the Royal Opera House Performance database and it would appear that, until Viviana Durante and Leanne Benjamin played Mary in 1992, the twelve year old Mary was played by a younger or smaller dancer. That year the two of them were the only ones to play the twelve year old Mary but they clearly started a trend which has continued from the 2002 run onwards.
  10. In his penultimate season (2010/11) Wayne Eagling promoted a number of male dancers – but not a single girl. There were no promotions at all in the 2011/12 season. One can only speculate on the reasons for this. During the current season there has been only one promotion, that of Vadim Muntagirov to Lead Principal. It is surely time to promote some of the female Artists who have been dancing principal roles during the last few years. The two who come immediately to mind are, as cycological says, Ksenia Ovsyanick(who has danced Giselle and Aurora and who created the Firebird in George Williamson’s Firebird) but also Shiori Kase who has recently shone in the ballerina role of Etudes. Both of these dancers are currently mere Artists of the Company.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, the clips in the first YouTube segment above are not from the recent cinema relay featuring the cast in the second segment but from the performance filmed a number of years ago for television and DVD. It featured Carlos Acosta, Marianela Nuñez, William Tuckett and Jonathan Howells.
  12. "In the evening Cojocaru (back on ROH stage after 3 months) and Kobborg (back there after SEVEN months) were absolutely beautiful in the pdd, and capable to deal with the terribly slow tempo given by the conductor (the same of the afternoon...informed people reported he was conducing his first ballets...)." Although I agree with you about the slow tempo, I’m afraid to say that your ‘informed people’ are not very well informed. Here is an extract from Dominic Grier’s online biography: He was a permanent staff conductor at the Royal Opera House from 2008-10, where his work included guest and cover conducting with The Royal Ballet and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, and an affiliation with the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme. He is currently Associate Guest Conductor with Northern Ballet, a guest conductor for The Royal Ballet, Scottish Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet And here is a list of the works he’s already conducted: Bizet Symphony in C (Balanchine) - Royal Ballet 2010 Feeney Hamlet (Nixon) - Northern Ballet 2011 Schoenberg Cleopatra (Nixon) - Northern Ballet 2011 Shostakovich Concerto (2nd Piano Concerto) - Royal Ballet 2010 Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker - Royal Ballet and Northern Ballet 2011 The Sleeping Beauty - Scottish Ballet 2011 (NB Apologies if this post appears twice. My first attempt seemed to disappear).
  13. Another minor point: Tomas Mock was not at White Lodge (the Lower School of the RBS). He joined the Royal Ballet School in the First Year of the Upper School - i.e. at the age of 16 or thereabouts.
  14. "But this is the problem, it's a company you don't know and given that a cheap seat in the Gods is now in the region of £70, a seat for a 3 acter easily in the £100+" Where do you get these figures from, Simon? The maximum price for 'a seat in the Gods' may be £64 for next Autumn's Beauty but there are many seats available at far lower prices. A full view seat "in the Gods" to see Beauty can be bought for as little as £24. For Jewels the prices range from £9 to £55. For mixed bills these seats range from £6 to £36. Obviously prices are higher lower down in the House but it is only for Beauty and Nutcracker that the top price seats come to £100+. I would add that, if you don't mind a very slightly restricted view, it's possible to see multiple performances for your £100+. Personally, I never pay more than £15 for a full evening ballet or £6 for a mixed bill.
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