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Met Opera Considers Selling Naming Rights to Building

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The New York Times' Michael Cooper reports that the Metropolitan Opera is considering selling naming rights to the building:


Mr. Gelb said that as the fund-raising campaign proceeded, the Met would consider offering naming rights to the theater as a whole if a large enough donation were made. “We’re looking for a significant gift — a major gift that could somehow be associated with this front-of-house renovation and perhaps even the naming of the building,” he said.
Asked how large a gift would be required, he demurred. But he noted that the Met is larger and better known than its next-door neighbors — which were renamed for Mr. Koch and Mr. Geffen after they each donated $100 million.

Anyone have a spare $100 million to expand into the plaza with a glass enclosure to house the box office, gift shop, and cafe?

If the Republican presidential campaign ends prematurely for Mr. Trump, you never know...

We may have another "The house formerly called" disclaimer in our future. Although I would proudly write out, "The Save-on Foods Memorial Opera House."

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New York State Theater naming rights cost $100 million in 2008 with a sunset clause. That amount was spend to renovate the theater. Met naming rights probably costs at least 2-3 times more, considering the Met is a stronger brand. And it'll cost much more than $100 millions to expand the lobby and renovate the house. Several NYC apartments already broke the $100 millions mark, with one rumored to cost over $200 millons: http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2015/09/18/nycs_most_expensive_condo_will_measure_18000_square_feet.php So several hundred millions are just pocket changes for many billionaires.

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