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Nureyev Diploma

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Hello everybody,

I represent the family of the legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev (one of his nephews).

We have Rudolf's original diploma from the Leningrad Ballet School, which he graduated from in 1958.

We'd like to know if someone is interested in this document: maybe some collector would wish to purchase it from us as a valuable adding to the collection. We'll send a picture upon special request to ensure the document is authentic.

Thank you for the attention

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This was posted on the wrong feed in error and I can't delete, my apologies to those who may read this :blushing:

This was discussed in another ABT feed about the use of social media, but think this is more general topic. Looks like even Lincoln Center is promoting dancers with social media:


Back in the day without all this technology it was hard to "get the word out", so I guess good or bad with regards to the likes of Misty, it got her word out. I am surprised to not see her name though in this article.

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