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University of Akron cancels arts series

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I ran across this notice on ArtsJournal earlier, to the effect that the university is laying off the staff at their performance hall, and backing out of presenting its Broadway series -- I see on their website that they're scheduled to present the touring company from Dancing with the Stars this coming Saturday, and Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal in October. Does anyone here know anything more about the situation?

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The University has a massive budget shortfall of $40 million. 161 employees have been laid off, including the University Press, IT, multicultural center, registrar, along with the performing arts center. The situation has received extensive coverage in the Chronicle of Higher Education, which is subscription-only, but here's a recent story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:


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California, thanks for the link -- I hadn't realized how grim the situation is.

The comments are full of, well, the kind of comments we see almost everywhere now, but I was curious about this one:

"The Knight Foundation might want to reconsider that five million dollar pledge for the Choreography Institute at UA."

Who here has been following along with this Knight Foundation program - does anyone know what might happen next with this?

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