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Royal Ballet and Bolshoi cinecasts in Canada

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I am relieved about three things: that Cineplex has chosen the Royal Ballet's Nutcracker over the Bolshoi's, that they didn't balk at showing the Royal's mixed bills--anchored as they are by narrative ballets, and that they will be screening both Giselles, because there's a good chance I won't like the Bolshoi cast.

Showing everything on Sunday afternoon is also sensible, even if it means delaying the Royal by a few days, because it's easier than keeping track of shifting dates.


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I agree with everything you said, volcano. Sunday afternoons are also better for ballet students and teachers. Also it's great that the RB is back with cineplex, because they have way more theatres across the country. Now if only ballet lovers would support the initiative in droves.

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Does anyone know if these are showing in the US?

Take a look here and see if there's something close to you. In Seattle it looks like we're getting the Lincoln Center series and the Bolshoi -- we've had the Royal in the past and I'm hoping it will run here as well this year. The local theaters seem to do this as an afterthought, with little pre-planning and almost no promotion.

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