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promotions 2015

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Today promotions were announced on the company's Facebook account. I don't see anything on the company website as yet.

A LOT of action this year - haven't seen this much in quite some time.

A couple of men seem to have leaped from corps to first soloist (Frola, James). I can't recall this happening before - at least in the years I've been paying attention.

I'd be interested in your thoughts….

Promoted to Principal dancer:

Naoya Ebbe

Elena Lobsanova

Promoted to Principal CharacterArtist:

Stephanie Hutchinson

Etienne Lavigne

Jonathan Renna

Promoted to First Soloist:

Skylar Campbell

Dylan Tedaldi

Jordanna Daumec

Chelsy Meiss

Jenna Savella

Harrison James

Francesco Gabriele Frola

Promoted to Second Soloist:

Jack Bertinshaw

Hannah Fischer

Emma Hawes

Kathryn Hosier

Brent Parolin

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