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RIP Dudley Williams

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Dudley Williams has died. I remember him most vividly from his solo "I Wanna Be Ready" from Revelations. He performed it regularly when I was going to see the Ailey company at City Center in the 1990s. Nobody who I've observed at Ailey has managed to bring the same depth of emotion and poignancy to that solo as Dudley Williams. He was a gem that I feel lucky to have seen live.


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Thanks for letting us know, abatt. I remember Williams in that solo when I first saw the company in '76 or '77, and I suppose he'd probably been dancing it for a decade by then. Here is one clip of his performance, but the one I wish I could find is from the Ailey Memorial at St. John the Divine. I see there is also a conversation with him that took place at the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center just last year.

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