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Music for Ballet Class

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I ran into samples from Jamie Narushchen's 3 CDs here, and thought this might be of interest to some. Perhaps this belongs on the Ballet Talk for Dancers forum...but I'm not a part of that.

Jamie Narushchen was born and raised in Minneapolis and began studying piano with his grandmother at age six. He studied piano performance at Johns Hopkins' Peabody Conservatory, and he joined The San Francisco Ballet as an accompanist shortly after moving out west. His strong interest in improvisation led him to take additional coursework in composition at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Throughout his twenty-four years at SF Ballet, he has regularly provided accompaniment for the West Coast auditions held by The American Ballet Theatre, The Julliard School, The Boston Ballet and others. He also enjoys the opportunity to play for Mark Morris's and Suzanne Farrell's classes when they visit the Bay Area. When he's not playing the piano, he's usually at home playing with his kids.

Click on the CD cover thumbnails to get to the track demo lists:


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