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Ruth Page Symposium to be held at St Luke Theater

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FYI, two of Miss Page's ballerinas, Dolores Lipinski and Patricia Klekovic, will be there in person for this. Here is a film in which they appear together, filmed for TV in 1961, "Doctor Bat" (Fledermaus). Ms. Lipinski plays Adele, the maid, and Ms. Klekovic plays Rosalinda. Larry Long is the proprietor of the shop at the beginning of the film, the part of Otto the valet is played by Orrin Kayan (whose brother Neal conducted the orchestra). Kenneth Johnson plays Eisenstein, Rosalinda's husband, and Charles Schick is Dr. Falke. In the later film, the cast was Marianna Tcherkassky and Galina Panov in the two female leads, Valery Panov as Dr. Falke, Danilo Radojevic as Otto, Ricardo Moyano as the shopkeeper and Richard Cragun as Eisenstein.George Daugherty conducted the orchestra in the later version.


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