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Did anyone see the Merry Widow broadcast?

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I loved it. I think this is what Susan Stroman should be doing. The direction was fluid and inventive, and the chorus was deftly integrated into the production.

Kelli O'Hara was fantastic as Valencienne. The tessitura sounded a little too low for Fleming, but stylistically, she was terrific, and she looked divine. Gunn played his role dead center, and Shrader was charming as the French boy toy. He'll sing Tonio in "Daughter of the Regiment" in Santa Fe this summer.

O'Hara said that she would like to do more at the Met. I hope they fulfill her wish.

I'd never seen it before, and I always thought the ballet ending matched the opera libretto, but it doesn't. In the ballet, the husband cedes Valencienne to the romantic lead, like in "Smiles of a Summer Night," but in the opera, she stays with her husband.

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