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Mads Blangstrup's 40th birthday today!


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Congratulations to principal Mads Blangstrup, who is 40 today!

The only sad implication is that 40 is the retirement age in the RDB, and it is therefore his last season with the company. He has sadly enough refused to have a farewell performance, and so last chance to see this beautiful and elegant dancer is right now in MacMillan's "Manon", where he dances the part of Monsieur G.M. During the last couple of years he has excelled in character roles, some of them more dubious characters where he uses his beautiful, princely looks to a most distracting effect, for example as the teacher in "The Lesson", Hr. Mogens in "A Folk Tale", Tybalt in "Romeo and Juliet", and now as Monsieur G.M. in "Manon".

Hopefully the theater will find a way of using his obvious acting abilities and radiant stage presence in the future!

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Thanks for posting that, Anne. Blankstrup is such an interesting dancer.I remember seeing him as an aspirant (even then, he was fascinating to watch in class). It's hard to think that this means the official end of his career. I hope he'll continue to perform, somehow -- if he wants to, of course.

Happy birthday, Mads Blankstrup!

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I will also be sad to see Mads Blangstrup leave, and therefore count myself doubly lucky that I will see him as both Monsieur GM and the beggar chief in Manon in a couple of weeks time.

It was quite remarkable seeing him being creepy in The Lesson after having seen him before in the sunny Bournonville rep!

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