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The History of Theatre and Dance in Sweden 1600-1900

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Long-time Ballet Alertnik Pamela Moberg made a casual mention in another thread about having her book, "The History of Theatre and Dance in Sweden 1600-1900" on amazon.com, and I think this deserves a thread of its own.

The blurb says, "Sweden has a long theatrical history – often at the whim of the reigning monarch. It did produce many stars, who unfortunately choose to take their talents elsewhere. Charles Louis Didelot, Marie Taglioni, Pehr Christian Johansson, Jenny Lind and Christina Nilsson were all born in Sweden, but became famous abroad."

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Thank you so much for your kind words, Helene! Well, to call it a book might be to glorify it a bit, I actually refer to it as my leaflet. What I really wanted to do was to give a concise and truthful description of the theatre in Sweden during that era. The country was desperately poor and in many ways rather backward, situated on the northern fringe of Europe. Yet so many iconic stars emerged. And the great tradition goes on, at least as far as singers are concerned, there are usually a couple of Swedes at the Met!

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