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Other than that, Mrs Putina, how did you enjoy the ballet?

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Very strange connection. I know they saw "Esmerelda". Does anyone know which company they saw? I see it's the Kremlin theatre, but not which company.


I will try to find the link, but there was a reported comment going around in Russia "Going to see Esmerelda is the new code-word for Getting Divorced".

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I'm so happy that you posted this, Jayne. RussiaToday (RT) just showed a clip of Esmeralda's jumping entrance in Act I in, I think, the Bourmeister version, which is one of the staples of the Stanislavsky troupe (now directed by Zelensky). The scenery and costume seem to be from the Stanislavsky...so my guess is the Stanislavsky Co. dancing the Bourmeister Esmeralda. Or, perhaps, the Kremlin Co now also performs that same Esmeralda? I'll say that the Putins seemed very friendly and civil for a couple that's about to divorce or just got divorced.

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