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Sergei Filin Attacked

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The dancers are demanding to be included in the artistic advisory board formed last week at the Bolshoi Ballet. Its head, Boris Akimov, says he is not opposed to the idea.

We know that the dancers' request to be represented on the Bolshoi Ballet's artistic advisory council, put in place during Filin's absence, was vetoed by Filin months ago, but at Filin's initiative the council has now been expanded to include all 21 members of the company's teaching staff. Previously the council's membership was limited to Boris Akimov, Galina Stepanenko, Svetlana Adyrkhaeva, Marina Kondratieva, Nina Semizorova and Alexander Vetrov.



It is believed that Filin never liked the idea of the artistic council, which he saw as an attempt to usurp his authority. Some dancers complained that he instead depended on his personal advisor Dilyara Timergazina to be his eyes and ears. But her position was eliminated as of January 1. Perhaps an expanded council diffuses the power of each individual member; perhaps it will become completely unwieldy. Dancers may be reassured to know that their coaches will all have a voice in the decision-making process. Under the previous configuration those whose coaches were on the council might have seemed to have an unfair lobbying advantage. Vladimir Urin now heads the council, with Filin and Akimov as his deputies.

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I am not sure if this is correct location for the following Washington Post link Bolshoi Ballet’s Sergei Filin, nearly blind but unbowed: ‘The dancing, I see perfectly’.

If this location is incorrect, please forgive me and move it to its proper location.

The brutal attack made headlines around the world and scandalized the renowned ballet company, a symbol of Russian pride and perfection. The 43-year-old director emerged with third-degree burns and an uncertain future. Filin’s livelihood depends on a sharp eye for detail, but after 27 surgeries in Germany, he sees very little. Nothing out of the right eye; 50 percent out of the left, on a good day.

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