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"Big Ballet" a 7 episode ballet contest

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It's a Russian TV show- like a 'Dancing with the Stars' for professional dancers :) Has dancers from Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Stanislavsky, Perm, and I can't remember where else and Diana Vishneva is one of the judges. The last I heard, Shapran was leading.

The first episode is on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAflZZDHe24&feature=my_watch_later_videos&list=WL65F501B40DDC2D5F .It's 2 hours so get your cup of tea and settle in!

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Episode 4 is up but it includes 3 pieces of copyrighted music, so it is banned in US.. including Olga Smirnova and Anna Tikhomirova's dancing. I don't know why that is a big deal, so soon ballet would be illegal because of Tchaikovsky and Minkus? Ridiculous.

I don't know if I should take out those three pieces and upload a "condensed" version...

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Ugh, just saw Shapran and Polunin's segment. That was some of the worst choreography I've suffered through. What a pretentious list of contemporary dance cliches ('robotic' movement! big extensions! overparterning! pointless pointes!) -- not even these two could save this work -- it was more like the cheese seen on So You Think You Can Dance (no offense, fans of this show) than any serious balletic choreography. Dumbed down Macgregor/Forsythe pastiche. The little clip of rehearsal footage was nice to watch though. Disappointing, considering the choreographic choices for this show have been mostly good, and at the least interesting.

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