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Royal Ballet Roster Changes for 2012-13

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The Royal Ballet has published roster changes for the 2012-13 season on its website.


  • Alexander Campbell and Ryoichi Hirano to First Soloist
  • Beatriz Stix-Brunell, Claire Calvert, James Hay, Dawid Trzensimiech and Valentino Zucchetti to Soloist Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Fumi Kaneko and Yasmine Naghdi to First Artist


  • Tamara Rojo to direct English National Ballet
  • First Soloist José Martin
  • Artists Celisa Diuana and Aaron Smyth
  • Ballet Mistress Ursula Hageli

The announcement acknowledges that Sergei Polunin, David Makhateli, and Francesca Filpi left during last season.

Joining as Artists:

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