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Susan Jaffee New Dean of North Carolina School of the Arts

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On the other thread, Abatt said:

Wow. Good for Ms. Jaffe. It's a loss to ABT, though, since she apparently is coaching a number of the soloists.

I would not be surprised if Ms. Jaffe continues to coach specific roles at ABT. UNCSA's Chancellor, John Mauceri, states often that he has strong convictions that the Deans of the various schools at UNCSA should continue to work professionally in their fields as well as lead their schools. The Chancellor himself continues to conduct orchestras all over the world, including high profile Hollywood-type events.

I hope Ms. Jaffe is able to continue to coach at ABT. Dean Stiefel was not able to successfully serve two masters (administrative/teaching, vs. performing) in part due to scheduling challenges. Hopefully, Dean Jaffe will have a little more flexibility with coaching opportunities than Dean Stiefel had at the mercy of his performance schedule.

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