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In Which Case Do Odette/Odile Danced by Two Ballerinas?

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For all the videos I've seen, there're only two versions which Odette/Odile is danced by two dancers: the famous Ulanova/Dudinskaya's version in "Stars of Russian Ballet" ,and the Pavlova/Kunakova's version in the 90s.

I'm wondering why aren't the roles danced by one ballerina?

suck at English, hope you guys can understand what I'm talking about, thanks in advance!

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i don't know that anyone has made a survey of productions of SWAN LAKE in which Odette and Odile were danced by separate dancers, but there are a number of these instances in ballet history.

one early such example, and maybe the earilest?, was A.Y.Vaganova's 1933 version (see below) wherein Odette, as "The Swan" if mem. serves, was danced by Ulanova and Odile by Olga Jordan.

Swan lake

Original title: Lebedinoe ozero.

Chor: Agrippina Vaganova after Ivanov and Petipa; mus: Petr Chaikovskii; lib: Vladimir Dmitriev after Begichev and Gel'tzer; scen & cos: Vladimir Dmitriev.

First perf: Leningrad, Kirov Theater, Apr 13, 1933, Kirov Ballet (Company)

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Ulanova danced only Odette in the '33 Vaganova production, which was updated from its Middle Ages era to an early 19th century milieu. Odile in this production was reimagined as the daughter of a ruined landlord.

prior to this prod. in Leningrad, Ulanova danced Odette/Odile in a 1929 Petipa/ivanov staging, and again in 35, in Moscow, she danced the dual role in Gorsky staging.

there are definitely photos of Ulanova as Odile.

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