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Jean-Lucien Massot

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The RDB's senior principal, Jean-Lucien Massot, was 40 yesterday: that's retirement age in the company, and he will give his last performance on Saturday, 5th May, in a special programme ending with an exptract from Onegin - I hope it's the last scene in which he is superb.

An article in Berlinske, under the heading 'French elegance and charm', regrets that the current financial situation means that he won't be able to continue in the company as a character dancer. I think he will be greatly missed, not least because he has such a strong physical presence that he can make even banal choreography look convincing! Admirers can leave messages on the page link given above.

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Yes, he will indeed be missed! It is like a strong colour is going missing in the company.

I "discovered" him relatively late myself, but have been a great admirer ever since. (It was the same for me with Caroline Cavallo, whom I also learned to dearly appreciate at a rather late stage of her career). Maybe I have just missed out on him by bad luck (living far away from Copenhagen it has always been difficult to have any influence on whom I was going to see perform, as the theatre announces the cast so very late ) OR he is one of the so called "late bloomers", who just seem to unfold all their qualities in their mid-thirties like in an explosion of strength, technical perfection, stage presence and emotional depth.

It is a fantastic programme for his farewell performance, and typical for his physical strength. Not many would survive a programme like that!

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Do dancers who are forced into retirement by age guest?

It would be wonderful if Massot were to be one of Boal's promised Guest Artists for next season, especially since PNB has ties with RDB, with several PNB dancers having done exchange programs and with Jodie Thomas dancing there.

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I'm afraid I have no idea, really. I think it must be up to the dancer himself/herself, whether he or she feels fit for it or not. They get a lifelong pension from the theatre, when they retire, but I don't know if there are any restrictions attached to it. Maybe some body else knows?

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Massot is listed on the ("subject to change") cast list for Danish Summer Ballet in June:


While the RDB website lists the dates (10-14 June, 16-17 June), unfortunately, where the performances will take place is (as of now) still last year's list. Last year's tour stops were Gentofte, Sorø, Sønderborg, and Grenå. There are six performances this year vs. four listed for 2011, and I'm not sure if this means more cities or multiple performances for some cities.

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