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Privacy Policy

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Ballet Alert! and Ballet Talk for Dancers collect the following personal information:

  • Email address upon registration.
  • Email address when contacted through the "Contact Us" link on either site.
  • Address information viewable by us when entered as part of a credit card donation*.
  • Email and address information provided to us by donors and/or members, either sent to us via Email or Personal Messenger or posted to the site.

Credit card information is stored by PayPal or our credit card processor. Do not send PayPal login, credit card, or bank account details via email or Personal Messenger, as neither provide the level of security required.

We do not sell, trade, or exchange email or address information. We do not disclose this information unless you request that we forward it to another party or we are required by law to do so.

*From January 2005-16 March 2012, and from 13 May 2015-present address and phone number were/are provided to us by PayPal for donations. From 17 March 2012-31 December 2014 address and phone number were provided to us by First Data.

Added 5 October 2014. This site uses cookies to process your log-in and last activity on our site. To opt out, please see this US government web page, which gives instructions for current versions of popular browsers:

For other browsers, please see your browser documentation.

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We've updated our privacy policy to include the statement that the site uses cookies, and we give a link to opt-out guidelines. This is also disclosed at the top of each page.

The site uses cookies to process your log-in info and to capture last activity on the site.

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For the 2015 Fundraiser, we will once again be using PayPal. However, PayPal accounts are no longer needed: there is the option to enter credit card details directly to PayPal for processing without having or using an account.

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