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Hello everyone, I am so pleased to be a new member! I attended SAB in the summers of 1978 and 1979....I was asked to stay yr.round when I was 13 and 14,but I am from Louisiana and my parents wouldn't hear of it! Back then there were no SAB dorms,etc...I did stay yr.round on full- scholarship for my soph.,junior and senior yrs.of high school,graduating in 1982 from PCS (Professional Childrens School). It was an amazing time to be at SAB...Mr. B freq.roamed the halls,loved Stanley W. classes,Peter Martins and Misha took men's classes, Darci was still a student,Alexandra Danilova taught us, Tumi was my fav.:))...I was friends w/ Jock Soto, Peter Boal,Jeff Edwards, Michael Byars, as we were students together. My closest friends and roomates were Zippora Karz abd Stacey Calvert. I also was friends w and had crushes on some of the City Ballet guys...Tim Fox, David Otto, Chris Fleming, David Keary.We even convinced them to come to our partnering classes! It was a magical time at City Ballet w/ Kyra, helene, stephanie, Lourdes, maria C.,Joe Duell,Sean,Adam and many others! So as you can imagine, I am very partial to NYCB!!

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