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87th birthday - Fernando Alonso

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I found this article at this website.

One of the most outstanding figures in the world of ballet, Fernando Alonso, is celebrating his 97th birthday. Alonso has earned prestige worldwide as one of the world's best ballet professors and as the principal creator of the internationally known and praised Cuban ballet school.

Alonso found, was the mentor of and trained Cuban prima ballerina assoluta and Director of the Cuban National Ballet Company, Alicia Alonso, to whom he was married for a number of years and with whom he has a daughter, ballet maitre and Director of the Havana based Pro-Dance Center, Laura Alonso.

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Mr. Alonso...the one and ONLY founder of the Cuban ballet class syllabus and never to be forgotten by those who know the real history of the Cuban ballet despite those who, having bigger than life egos, have been trying to minimize and even erase his name within the island. Shame on them, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAESTRO OF MAESTROS!! flowers.gif

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