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Corella Ballet vs Mariinsky?

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I noticed an overlap in CBCL's and the Mariinsky's performance schedule in BCN. Are they really there at the same time? CBCL is doing a rep program at the Tivoli (my favorite theater to shoot in so far) and the Mariinsky full-lengths elsewhere (Liceu?) I wonder how that will affect the box office of CBCL. Did they know before-hand? Of course, I hope they do fine, and show that they can compete with the Mariinsky.

Any BT/BA posters (Carolina? Sunday?) who go to either performance(s) please let us know what happens. Gracias

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Well, sorry to be a bit late but I of course attended both performances and if the Mariinsky is very, very, good, I have to tell that the audience at the Tivoli was pretty more enthusiastic than the one at El Liceu. Corella Ballet is now very well known and loved in Barcelona and every day the performances finished with outstanding ovations. They were at the Tívoli for two weeks while the Mariinsky did only five performances.

I put the link to an article at La Vanguardia where the reporter compares the two Alis –Corella Ballet included the Pdd of The Corsaire- even if it was not Ángel who danced it.



Por cierto, nada tuvo que envidiar entre otros el pas de deux de El Corsario -a cargo de Robison y Hirata- al que estos días se puede ver en el Liceu por las estrellas del Teatro del Mariinski.

By the way, nothing had to envy, among others, the pdd of The Corsaire –danced by Aaron Robinson and Momoko Hirata- to the one we can see these days at El Liceu by the stars of the Mariinsky Theater.


Aaron Robinson and Momoko Hirata are amazing, really. Two great Artists who recently joined the company!!

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