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Tonight's pick took place at the historic Tower Theater. There I went to see the German film "Unter Bauern"-("Saviors in the Night")- by German director Ludi Boeken. Unter Bauern tells the remarkable true story of Marga Spiegel and her family, German Jews living in Westphalia at the beginning of World War II. Despite being patriotic Germans and Nazi sympathizers, the Aschoff family-(farmers of Westphalia)-hid Marga and her daughter Karin, risking everything to rescue their neighbors from deportation and certain death. The film is based on the best-selling memoirs of Marga Spiegel, who is currently 98 years old and still lives in Germany.

If is showing around your area, try to catch it... :clapping:

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Thanks for this, Cristian! "Sarah's Key" just made it here, and I hope "Unter Bauem does too. The Vancouver International Film Festival is coming up soon, and this looks like the kind of film they might show.

(Still trying to figure out when you sleep...)

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