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LITTLEFIELD BALLET arriving in Chicago

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scan of photo, probably dated for newspaper publication in Nov. 1941, front and back.

the caption pasted to the back of the print helpfully names all the dancers, presuming, of course, the capiton writer got them all correctly.

post-848-009899700 1314289349_thumb.jpg

post-848-030554100 1314289384_thumb.jpg

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The things that strike me about the arrangement are that the guys are more prominently placed in front of the gals, although the latter are raised on high, and that there are almost as many men as women, which makes me curious about their repertory. (A little Googling brings out little more than a list of titles, widely - or even wildly - eclectic as that seems, going beyond what I gather was the then-fashionable mix of classics and Americana to some things that look pretty avant-garde, like "H.P.", to music by Carlos Chavez and with designs by Diego Rivera, although this one got only one performance.)

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