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U.S. Postal Stamps To Honor Dancers

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The Postal Service will be issuing "Forever" stamps to honor Fosse, Duncan, Limon and Dunham. Read about it here:


I'll certainly have to pick up a few books of those stamps, though I rarely use "snail mail" anymore.

Have there ever been stamps issued by the Post Office honoring other choreographers or dancers?

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Not being a stamp collector, I am probably not the right person to answer this, but it has been done in Scandinavia.

Denmark, many years ago, issued a stamp with Margrethe Schanne, their legendary "La Sylphide" and Sweden issued one with ballerina Annelie Alhanko and her partner Per Arthur Segerström in "Giselle". Those I have actually kept and was once thinking of starting a ballet stamp collection, but it never got under way. In the former Soviet there were some ballet stamps as well.

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