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Although I'm unsure how many Americans know who Brian Sewell is, he is extraordinarily well known in Britain, as much for his TV appearances and his remarkably refined accent as his cutting reviews about art. He is also a ballet fan and I once got talking to him when he was sitting in front of me at the ballet and despite his reputation I thought he was a warm genuine person.

His acerbic writings are to my mind superb, even when I disagree with him (not very often, though I still seethe over his dismissal of Gwen John’s work) I very much admire his writing style. He knows about art in a way I wish the UK ballet critics knew about dance. It is astonishing and very sad that he can't find a publisher for his autobiography; it is one I wouldn't hesitate to buy.


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Alas, I lack your broadmindedness, Mashinka. I have read and enjoyed some of Sewell's work. Unfortunately my female brain is unable to take in many of his finer points.

Judging by this article, perhaps the publishers have a point about his autobiographies. It is odd the sort of remarks that people still feel it is safe to say in public about the intelligence of women.

"Most of his dogs have been bitches, he jokes." Most amusing. Pardon me while I wipe away tears of helpless laughter.

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