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Nikolaj Hübbe in Vanity Fair

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Quoting that Balanchine photo! very cute!

The quote may have been the photographer's idea, not Hubbe's, but I don't care for it. The dancers in the Balanchine photo came from the school he founded, and he further trained and cultivated them once he chose them for his company. Hubbe has been leading the Royal Danish Ballet for three years - how many of those dancers are really his? I don't think he's earned that pose.

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Hübbe is part of the tradition and the school, which has produced most of the Ballet Master of the company. He is placed as the keeper of the tradition (and a the developer of it) a post also occupied by Balanchine for one season long ago

Yes, but the photo doesn't suggest he's serving the tradition, but that the dancers are serving him. In any case, it wouldn't bother me if it didn't reference the Balanchine photo.

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I don't think he's earned that pose.

it wouldn't bother me if it didn't reference the Balanchine photo.

It doesn't really reference it as much as it seems by now, although it never seemed to me at all serious the way you seem to think. Recent well-publicized events give us all pause about thinking that unbuttoned shirts are going to be all that sexy after popinjay BHL's silly defense of DSK. If you think Nikolaj got his just deserts, then there you have it. This photo is well before DSK, so alas, poor Nikolaj! Balanchine has made ties look comfortable again, so that, if you think about it, it doesn't reference the Balanchine photo nearly as much as it would have before BHL starting preening all over the place as of late (the Libya sojourn wasn't quite enough to make us button up, but the DSK thing sure was, BHL just seems passe...) Who would have ever thought a fashionable French 'intellectual' could turn us off to selected accessorizings?

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