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SF Ballet Rush Policy?

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I will be in SF over the weekend of some of the Little Mermaid performances (finally! I usually miss the SFB season or end up there on weekends where there are no shows). I am wondering about the rush policy...are these tickets often available on weekends? Good experiences/bad experiences? Tips?


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Posting in haste since I'm at work and supposedly, you know, working...

I've never heard of 'rush' tickets. If cost is an issue (when isn't it?), you might try standing room; not sure of the current price (there's another thread about this cost going up), but you can stand at the back of the orchestra and see pretty well. Standing room is sold on the day of performance at the box office and I think it's cash only (may be wrong, but you could call); for the performance you line up outside on the Grove St side and I think they let you in about 7 (for evening). The person selling you the ticket can give you details.

If you actually want to sit in a seat, the on-line ticket buying is good; here's a link: http://www.sfballet.org/performancestickets/2011season.asp

Click the 'buy tickets' button for Program 8 (The Little Mermaid) and you will be taken to a location where you can select the date/time you are interested in, then see exactly what seats/prices are available. I looked at opening night for TLM and there are tickets in the dress circle (good but pricey)/balcony circle (pretty good and less pricey) and lots in the balcony (cheaper, but you'd be sitting in a galaxy far, far away). Note that I bought a ticket on line the other day and they soaked me a $10 'handling fee' (computers have hands now???).

Good luck and if you go, please let us know your thoughts.

Edited to add: does anyone know if TKTS or TIX or whatever it was (one of those discount ticket sellers) on Union Square is still around? I don't know if they ever sold SFB tickets, but it might be worth investigating.

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Oh, on their website they have a "rush" policy listed (I believe I fit the bill as a poor grad student!) and that's what I was inquiring about.

Student, Senior, and Military Rush

During the Repertory Season, full-time college and university students can often purchase tickets for the same day’s performance for as little as $10-20. Also, during the Repertory Season, military personnel and seniors 65 and older can often purchase tickets for the same day’s performance for only $30.

A current college or university I.D. showing proof of full-time student enrollment, age, or military status is required at the time of purchase and pick up of tickets and is valid for two tickets. All rush tickets are subject to availability; please keep in mind that some performances sell out in advance. Seating selection is at the discretion of the Box Office.


It seems like a nice policy, I was just wondering if availability is terrible or they run out very quickly or where the seats are.

The standing room thing may be a good option if this doesn't pan out, thank you for the response!

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