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Ballet sequences clip from the 1925 film...

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From the YouTube poster...

"This is footage of the ballet sequences in the 1925 silent film The Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney. Though shot in Hollywood, the Paris Opera House exterior, Grand Staircase and Auditorium are evocatively re-created, as are the audience reactions at the rise and then fall of the curtain. The choreography for the corps de ballet seems a pastiche of styles and influences - Swan Lake, the Kingdom of the Shades from La Bayadere and floral and garland-bound patterning from a little earlier in the century. As a footnote, the prima ballerina role was played by the 15 year old Carla Laemmle (b.1909), who turned 100 this last year. She is the niece of Universal Pictures founder Carle Laemmele".

Enjoy it! :thumbsup:


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regarding the details of this Hollywood-made 'classic' film, i suspect the exterior shot of the Garnier and the long-range one of the grand staircase might be spliced-in 'location' shots, while the rest of the film was done on a built set in L.A.

as for the choreography included as a Paris Opera production (my DVD of the film has an added score that uses music from FAUST), as performed by dancers trained by Ernest Belcher, the most 'direct' source of this pastiche might be Clustine's 'Suite de danse' which has been captured in part on film, snippets of it are included in Delouche's documentary about Serge Peretti.

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