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Tutu-inspired vintage-50's wedding gowns!

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I'm helping find a cute tea-length 50's/vintage wedding dress for a friend. She explained to me that she wants a cocktail-looking tea-length inspired dress-(and it HAS to be a real vintage one...). I immediately recalled Hepburn's dress in "Funny Face" and found this site that makes costum-made reproductions of it. Still, she wants a real one... :tomato:

Anyway...just looking at the pic I'm thinking..."Giselle Act II!!"...It just looks like a tutu! :) Not too far from this Markova's pic(Lovely, right...? :wub: )

Still...it has been hard to find. The most of the sales on Ebay with the 50's criteria gets us usually to something like this...not very appealing.

This is another option, which even being more covered, I think is cute too...

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Cristian, what a fun project! I found this dress on a Google search for vintage prom dresses...the model isn't exactly "of the period," LOL, and doesn't show the dress to its best advantage, but at least you can see the entire gown if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Your friend will probably have more luck finding what she wants by looking for circa-1950 prom dresses, than wedding dresses per se. Hope this quest has a very happy ending! :clover: (I think we need a clinking champagne glass emoticon.)

Edited to add: Here's another confection! The site (Blue Velvet Vintage) includes vintage-inspired and genuine vintage garments (like this one). It's wonderful!

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Thanks Bonette for the link!

Yes, I had noticed that we had more options under the cocktail dress criteria, which is what Hepburn's just looks like, with the easy addition of a bouquet, veil and gloves. :)

What really inspired our searching was the ballet-themed thing. Looking at old pics, back when the Giselles skirts used to be very ample and fluffy and not too long, was the real inspiration, just as in this beautiful pic of Spessivtseva... :wub:

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Lovely photo!

Cristian, maybe take a look at this site when you get a chance - they have vintage formal and informal wedding gowns, veils and complete wedding paraphernalia. Some of the gowns are reproductions, and some are genuine vintage. The beautiful Spessivtseva's costume in the photo is quite similar to some of the apparel on the website.

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I like this one... :)
Oh, so do I!

So do I. :thumbsup: Very similar to the one my step-niece wore for her wedding just a few years ago. Same line, with a strapless, fitted bodice and a full, Romantic tutu net skirt.

That's definitely the most "tutu-like" of them all...the skirt is very ample, and not too long. Also is just as simple as a tutu. I don't like too much embroidery or lace on wedding dresses. Definitely a classic. The model's pose is also very "Dior-New Look" like...the hair and makeup perfect. The shoes are too high though...

Some pearls around her neck would be fine too... :thumbsup:

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