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I have been on Ballet Talk for Dancers for a few months. My son, who is only nine, has been dancing for 2 years now, but really started to get serious(yes even at 8!) about ballet last year. I work away from home, so being sports focussed and not having a clue about ballet, kind of did not pay much attention. Well, with an extended break this summer, I got to realizing how much he loved it. So I went on a search to figure this all out. I found almost immediately as little as I thought I knew, which was nothing, I actually knew less. So, I have spent alot of time on the other site and learn something everyday, but going to spend time here just to figure out what else I can learn. It has been quite interesting so far!

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Welcome to BalletAlert!, sonny72. We're glad you decided to venture over to our side. As you peruse our forums, I'm sure you'll find lots of information to deepen your appreciation of what your son is doing. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Our members include any number of experts.

Meanwhile, best wishes to your son. I hope his passion stays strong -- sounds like it will.

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Hello sonny72. It's wonderful that you are taking the time to find out about ballet. Being able to share in your child's interests and passions is an amazing experience. I have two children who are now in their 20's and I know I've grown a lot by learning about things that interested them.

I hope you and your son get to watch lots of ballet together over the years, whether live, DVD or youtube (which is a wonderful source).

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