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What productions of "Giselle" have you seen?


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2001: ABT came to Seattle only with Giselle; take it or leave it: Paloma Herrera, Ethan Stiefel, Stella Abrera.
I saw Herrera a bit before that, but I guess it didn't make much of an impression on me because I don't recall either the performance or the partner.

For those with access to the latest Ballet Review (Summer 2008), there's a photo of Herrera's 2001 Giselle at Teatro Colon (Buenos Aires) ... with Damian Woetzel. I'm having a hard time visualizing that particular pairing. Did anyone see it?

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My favourite so far was Derek Deane's production for English National Ballet a few years ago, primarily for an effectively gothic second act. I've also seen their current production, but I'm not sure who the producer was.

Sir Peter Wright's for the Royal Ballet.

David Bintley & Galina Samsova's for Birmingham Royal Ballet (again with a particularly good 2nd act).

Alicia Alonso's version for her Cuba company.

The Kirov's in a London visit a few years ago -again not sure whose version.

The interesting thing about British companies dancing this ballet is always act 2 where most of the designers & producers seem to have very definite ideas about where they want to set their white act. Bintley's set is a ruined abbey & very atmospheric. Deane's was still set in a forest, but the total effects were terrifying as he'd totally rethought the wilis make-up & posture (they closely resembled the original 1841 Paris lithographs) & it worked wonders, in fact its a shame they got rid of it.

The production I've seen the most is Peter Wright's for the RB which is perfectly pleasant, but occasionally act one can feel a bit too directed & bland as it needs a very confident performance from the Giselle to keep the dramatic momentum going.

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