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Corsaire PDD's coda

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I was just trying to figure out whose coda is the most daring here. Hard to decide. This two girls are just HURRICANES!! :jawdrop:

What do you all think...?


Osipova's is 'harder' , what with the a la seconde turns, but if you notice that leg ain't exactly at 90 and I think if you're going to do a man's step you should do it comparably. She also ends her fouettes in a dreadful position for which any decent ballet teacher would cream her in class, lol.looks like to me Valdes is steadier, more in control, and therefore, in a way, more dazzling.

Forgot to mention that Kirkland, who could do anything, used to occasionally attempt triples (yes, triples) a la seconde in her Black Swan coda, and they didn't come off as they were intended either...

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I've not yet seen Osipova live, but from this clip, it's less about the individual positions than the flow, energy, and phrasing. She had the opportunity to create context because the clip was longer, and the turns were only part of the whole.

For people who've seen a squid swim, there's a unique, undulating, silken quality to the way the membranes move in water, and that's the first thing I thought of watching Valdes do the turns. I found it quite beautiful, but I also have no idea how it fits into the whole.

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