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Margot Fonteyn Pointe Shoes

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My Mum has a pair of Fonteyn pointe shoes that are authenticated by Freed. She was given them at the Dance Centre in London many years ago to practice in and she pulled ones out of a box that fit her and they turned out to be Margot's! Does anyone know if these shoes have any financial value? A friend told me a pair were auctioned recently at Christies for a lot but they may well have been from a very special performance?

Any help much appreciated!

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Welcome to BalletTalk, lalique1924. :flowers:

I'm no expert in this area, but as long as her ownership can be authenticated, they must be worth much more than face value. Did your mum get them second-hand? Are they signed? Are they used? By your mum :( ? By Fonteyn :thumbsup: ?

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As carbro indicates, clear provenance here is of paramount importance. As used pointe shoes, their value will be everything from utterly worthless to a couple of pounds, at best. The best indicator is to have a pair signed by the user on the outside of the shoe. Inside markings, or those on the sole may only indicate the company shoe boy's stock marking. If you have a clear provenance, then take them to Christie's, Sotheby's or other auction house of high standing and get a formal appraisal statement.

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As someone who's sold a lot of these things, if they were made for her and never used, that might be something, even if they're not signed. But if they were made for her, not signed and then used for someone else, Mel is right, I don't think they would be worth much, if anything. Made for her, used by her, signed and with good provenance is something else.

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Hi, i have what we believe to be Margot Fonteyn's pointe shoes. they are a size 4. you can just make out the red pen saying 'FONT' on the bottom of one of the shoes (left). i have tried to show this in the images. there are a few different markings but we are unsure what they are. if you could give us any information which would help to authenticate these we would extremely grateful.

Many Thanks.




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