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Rachmaninoff's Vsenoshchnoe Bdenie 'Vespers' Op 37

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Today I went to the kick off of the Seraphic Fire Choir's 9th Season, masterfully directed by Mr. Patrick Dupre Quigley. This time Mr. Quigley chose the magnificent Rachmaninoff's Vespers-(All-Night Vigil) for the opening concert, which was extremely moving and beautifully sung to a full house. His was an outstanding version. The choir has a very warm and rich sound, especially from the basses, who gave some amazing basso-sostenuttos. As we know this piece requires an enormous range of color from the more introverted "Blagoslovi, dushe moya" to the wildly joyful "Khvalite imya Gospodi", and even though being the day as hot as 85 degrees, and the setting the airy, small Community Church of Lincoln Road in the middle of South Beach, Seraphic Fire made me remember that other beautiful performance/service while at the magnificent Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki. I was in heaven. Bravo!


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