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ABT 2010-11 Season

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According to the NY Times (in the upcoming Fall Season Preview portion of the Arts & Leisure section), ABT will present Ratmansky’s “Bright Stream” , Frederic Franklin’s staging of “Coppelia”, new ballets by Ratmansky and Wheeldon. There will also be a revival of Antony Tudor’s “Shadowplay.” And "there will be swan maidens, wicked stepsisters and sleeping beauties aplenty."

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And "there will be swan maidens, wicked stepsisters and sleeping beauties aplenty."

Sounds like there may be a Cinderella in the works. I wonder if they will revive the Kudelka version or do something different. As I recall both Reyes and Abrera had big successes with the Kudelka. And it's something that Julie Kent should still be able to be able to do a fine job with. (Hearing the inevitable but still sad news of Carreno's upcomming retirement, I thought of Julie; I think she is the only 40+ year old principal left in the company)

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The NYT indicates that the period for the ABT Met 2011 season is May 16 through July 10.

Alistair M asks: "How much has Mr. Ratmansky been shaped by Soviet thinking? Will his 'Nutracker' reflect the Soviet view that 'The Nutcracker' is about a girl's growth from childhood to maturity? The traditional 'Nutcracker' suspends narrative in its second half. Will this 'Nutcracker' try to impose plot suspense .... on a score that resists it? If the production succeeds, it could prove a breakthrough not only for Mr. Ratmansky and Ballet Theater but also for the currently much-vexed cause of ballet as theatrical drama."

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