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The corps expands.

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In looking at NYCB's website today, I note that the corps' ranks have swollen, with the addition of Chrosniak, Gerrity, Hillyer, Isaacs, Jacobson, Lovette, Tong and Villwock. I'm very happy for them; one can only imagine what a feeling of accomplishment, euphoria and even relief it must be to achieve this after having spent an entire childhood toiling after it.

The addition of new corps members also gives us more material with which to play "Spot the Principals," a great parlor game...

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I was especially pleased to see Lara Tong's name on that list. I saw her in "La Source" twice and she really stood out. I remember that we discussed on another thread that Mr. Martins never had an Asian woman in the company (though there have been at least 4 men if I recall) and that was a very noticeable vacuum considering the students at SAB and looking at all the other major companies. I wish her the best!

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